New Book from Pastor Robert

New Book from Pastor Robert

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Grace, Period.

In life, we often look for fulfillment in our performance. We try to earn our way to happiness by achieving goals and meeting obligations. We try everything we can to earn favor with God. But what we find instead is disappointment, fear, and weariness.
Grace, Period., Pastor Robert Morris shows that we don’t need to live this way. What we truly want has already been given to us—we simply need to receive it!

Looking in-depth at the life and teachings of Jesus, Pastor Robert reveals the beauty and perfection of God’s amazing grace. He uncovers its sheer abundance, lavishness, and extravagance, and explains what happens in our day-to-day lives when we fully accept it. Exploring the blessings we have 
now—access to God’s love, favor, and approval—Pastor Robert teaches us how to find rest, gratitude, fruitfulness, confidence, joy, and the list goes on.